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Dealing with Healing

Posted on: May 14, 2005

Some time in everyone’s life there’s pain or injury. It’s just part of the deal, right? And most times it’s nothing too serious and just sort of ‘heals itself’. A familiar story so far.

How this is supposed to work is there’s some kind of limitation on healing; if a hurt is outside of the normal range it can’t heal. But this is no ordinary range. When healing occurs that is beyond ‘expected’ limits, it’s suddenly mysterious or miraculous.

How about we raise our expectations, then what could we experience? Surely, that’s what modern medicine has been doing, raising the limit through the ‘miracle of science’. OK, what about raising the limit on ‘normal’, what happens if we try it for ourselves? Let me tell you, however weird it sounds, it is working for me every day.

About 18 months ago, I had something wrong that just wouldn’t heal. The diagnosis was pretty dire, and the future suddenly looked bleak: long-term or even life-long medication and all sorts of tests and therapies. This was not part of my plan at all, and I wanted out. I just couldn’t accept what was being told to me; that I would be disabled for the rest of my days. Worse, they couldn’t tell me why I got sick or how to cure it. All I had was the name of a disease and a load of pills.

At this time, a very dear friend gave me a book called Anything Can Be Healed by Martin Brofman. It took a little effort to read all the way through – many of the ideas were pretty far-fetched even for me, but I persevered. I figured: what’s the worst that can happen? So I tried it. It’s basically a healing meditation. And it worked. I’m off the painkillers, back at work and busier and more positive than I was before I got sick. That is mainly due to the fabulous way it feels to wake up each morning and realise you are free of pain.

If you or someone close to you is in pain right now, I wish you well and hope that you can find a way to heal.


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Happy to hear of your healing success story. Can I include it on the Success Stories page on my website?

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