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Helping Women at Risk

Posted on: December 28, 2006

My wish for the coming year is that more can be done to end the suffering of all individuals. There are so many different charities operating today, that it is often very difficult to make a choice of who to support. This is made a little more difficult when selecting charities to benefit from Payoll Giving, which is a scheme operated by many employers, including my own. What is making it harder than necessary for me is that one of my chosen charities, Women At Risk, is not on the list for Payroll Giving, and it seems that getting added is no simple matter. I find this disappointing and frustrating.

Being a resourceful type, I have found a few ways around this problem. Firstly, I have offered my services to the charity to manage their website, which is a small way of helping them out. You see, they only have one full time member of staff, so a little extra help with the occasional admin task will help them along.

Secondly, I will pledge a percentage of the proceeds from my eBay auctions (it is that time of year again, when the house needs decluttering and the coffers need a boost!) to Women At Risk so that they can share in any success I have there.

Thirdly, I can search the web from their sponsored search page at EveryClick.com.

Finally, I can use their buyat.com page as the starting point for my internet shopping at sites like Amazon etc.

Why do I like this charity so much? In spite of their scant resources, Women At Risk has raised over £1million so far, which is a fantastic achievement. Keeping their running costs low means a far greater proportion of the funds raised go directly to the women they are trying to help. I like his concept very much, and feel they deserve my support. I wish them well.


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You are very heartening and inspirational. What I like about you is you are always prepared to act and take action…find a solution. Thing is, you do actually care about others. Thank you.

Thank you for bringing the Women At Risk website to my attention, I have been searching for charity websites like this one for some time and never came across it before. Keep up the good work!

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