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Email A Link Sidebar ‘Widget’

Posted on: March 19, 2007

Email A Link Sidebar ‘Widget’I just used the text widget in WordPress to let visitors email a link to my blog. Such a simple thing to add but a really good use of the sidebar text widget. I can’t claim credit for the idea, because it came from a comment by someone known only to me as ‘The One’ (cute name!). Forgive me if I take the kudos for figuring out how to create the link though, won’t you? If you are a WordPress.com blogger and want to add a link like this here is the code:
Notice the cc=” ? It’s a fudge because I couldn’t get it to use the subject without doing that, but hey, it works! Click on the link and see it in action. If you like, you can boost my visitor numbers by actually sending the email. That would be nice. Wishing You Well as always.


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Clicked on Sidebar widget code above and got a 404 error message. Will try later to see if it was fixed.Sounds interesting.

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