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Posted on: July 28, 2009

i come to wonder in the middle of the night
why certain personalities provoke me to a fight
is it weakness or strength dressed in disguise?
soldiers gather medals, but it is no surprise
that folks despise
a civilian dressed in armor, a woman dressed to kill
all convention, distention, prolonged detention
a woman dressed to recreate the fabric of her will

it’s time for folks to realize the work we have to do
discover common avenues that lead us through
from the darkness to the dungeon, return us to the hill
but while we are enlightening we have to pay the bill
the social ill
the political autonomy of weapons and control
convolution, pollution, ethnic dilution
political autonomy is manna for the soul

a soul steeped in anger is a spirit dressed to dance
it’s a possibility but who will miss the chance
when the dervish is exhausted the people gather ’round
to investigate the small originator of the sound
annoying sound
that evokes the bold sensation the winds are floating change
it’s a wonder, like thunder, from deep and under
evocation of a feeling that will not confine its range

as i’m walking up the bear creek in the dark
the only thing i’m fearing is the ranger in the park
it brings sadness to discover that the corner of my fear
is not sharpened by the hungry lion voices that i hear
it brings a tear
to discover that my worry is a sam insensible
come to loot, or shoot, kick with his boot
a sam whose list of rules is clearly indefensible

now the people of the world are just trying to be heard
the reactions from the governments are far beyond absurd
and in keeping with their mission try to hold the people down
but the people are not giving in, but holding ground
the voice is found
whether twittered, cried from rooftops, or just muttered under breath
there’s a feeling, we’re reeling, no more bad dealing
it’s time to enjoy freedom whether living or in death

a people cannot flourish under tyranny and greed
just one small voice can start the process, plant the seed
as we’re giving it sweet nourishment from keyboard, video
posting love might be all some can do to beat the foe
soften the blow
now our love is crossing oceans, turning distance into dust
no more fear, high gear, a change is near
some can only utter words of hope, some perish if they must

we are forging new alliances, all borders don’t exist
we’re convinced now of our power so we stand, raising a fist
crossing boundary, ideology, vast measurements of land
armed with love and true translation, sink our feet into the sand
we make a stand
could this be the last oppression? could our voices be the thing?
repetition, attrition, ban superstition
we listen to the peaceful cry of hope. let freedom ring

now meandering on beaches in the middle of the night
it’s not the lions or the tigers that are giving me a fright
there’s a ranger dressed in metal who is giving me a scare
it’s a stranger clad in armor, a blank stare
but i don’t care
he’ll be rusty before daybreak in his tiny mind
no good oil, nor toil, will free his foil
and i will be absorbing all the beauty i can find

i said i will be here drinking all the beauty i can find

by @teaksmama (on Twitter.com)

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3 Responses to "THE DERVISH"

some can only utter words of hope, some perish if they must

please put this line at the end of verse six

thank you

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