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Our Flesh

Posted on: August 14, 2009

Our Flesh

Our flesh was pink and soft and gentle
Our blood was warm, it ran its course
Now our skin screams with million of voices
For what you have done
Our bodies were made for a caress
of warm breeze on a summer night
during a stroll on Azadi square
But now these streets see different signs
The clothes are scattered on the ground
And instead of clothes, our nakedness is covered by the wounds
How can you ever imagine an axe eating your own body
This is not a Hollywood movie
This is me, but this is not my life
The pain oozing from my body is a thread
To the crowds running through grey streets
I think the earth is spitting sand, conjuring veils of dust
in shame at these iniquities
But still the pain is oozing from my very own body
from every single onlooker, from computer screens
and squeezing my very soul out
It needs to get out!
“We must turn this culture inside out”
said Rumi
But he did not mean the gut
Our prison has grown too small
It needs to burst; we need to fly out
Still our incomprehensible flesh fits so perfectly into this world
It sticks, it does not understand departure
It wants to stay a little longer, it wants to feel one more kiss
It touches, it attracts, it can be morphed into anything
and when the clothes are torn off by the vultures
and its nakedness stares into the mirror of reality
We ask, who wrote these folds, who carved these wrinkles,
who sprinkled these spots
The hand of transience has played with our colors
But still its touch was a simple caress
Now our cells speak a new language
That we did not know we had
New kinds of pain, new tunnels of suffering shutting off the brain
Who knew bodies could collapse and fall apart, outside of TV screens
Who know how blood flows, so fast and bright
We will never see red the same again
We will think all those movies stupid
We will try to recollect how was it before the missing pieces
of me and you of us
Before our minds turned into shattered glass,
still flashes of brilliance, but flickering light
But regardless we need to fight
Remember we are still here, we are still alive
It’s just that the wolves gnawed at our hearts
They drank our blood
But we spit them out

By Daku at Coffeehouse at the End of the Universe


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its beautiful . thank you for posting it. just beautiful!!!!!!!!!

wow.. great poetry.. like it… Thanks

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