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via HappyNews – Top Stories Read story: Ohio Man Aids Same Stranger Twice in Eight Years

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via HappyNews – Top Stories Read story: 10-year-old Girl Saves Mother and Two Young Brothers from Fire

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via HappyNews – Top Stories Read story: ‘Cool Pavement’ Could Reduce Heat of a City

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Pop icon, entertainer, and actress Debbie Gibson truly embodies the positive spirit of HooplaHa and shares our passion for spreading happiness and inspiration to others.

HooplaHa is thrilled to announce Debbie as the first HooplaHa Ambassador, and recently asked her to share some of her secrets for a happy life and a positive attitude with us:

1. You always seem to have a smile on your face. How do you maintain such a positive attitude in your life?

I have gotten to a place in my life where I actually go through things and process out things that may be weighing me down or hiding my smile instead of glossing over them. I also always look at what I do have as opposed to what I want and it is amazing that we all always have what we need. I invented a new word that means, “to live life with a gracious attitude” and that is “gratitudinal”!

2. What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome when you were 16, and the youngest pop star ever at that time?

Probably it was maintaining some sort of “normal” perspective. Most kids back then did not have money, but nor were they employing a hundred people! To the naked eye I had pampering and perks but that was all relative to the amount of responsibility that I had. To keep that in check and to not have anyone who could really relate to my life was difficult, but I never saw it as a negative. It was just my unique experience.

3. What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in recent years?

Finding balance. It is rare you see a female entertainer who has both a successful career and a healthy relationship. It is why many showbiz women have a passive man by their side. This was not for me. I always knew that I would need a strong man from whom I could draw strength, and who would help me evolve, as opposed to a “yes, dear” type! But to have that sort of balance requires attention and being fully present to all aspects of your life. t is not for the faint of heart! I am sure full time moms and career women and men for that matter can all relate. Finding the balance in your life is the most important thing you can ever do in my opinion. From a place of fulfillment and love and balance, all things can blossom and grow and flow.

4. We see you as our HooplaHa Ambassador. How do you see your relationship with HooplaHa?

I see this as one of those once in a lifetime magical pairings where things just fit! When I became aware of HooplaHa I thought, “Where has this site been all my life?!” I see this as a wonderful way to keep my fans up to date on what I am doing and abreast of all kinds of charitable activities going on around the world as well as simply giving folks a place to turn in the morning and throughout the day if they are in need of a pick-me-upper! I feel as if I have been blessed with an abundance of great energy to go around and I am thrilled to have such a huge visible outlet for this energy!

5. What do you do each day to make sure you get your daily smile? (In addition to going to HooplaHa.com, of course!)

I interact with people. I find connection and goodness in people and it gets me out of my own bubble and keeps me from dwelling on my own little microcosm of worries if I step out of myself and realize that there are billions of people out there, each with their own story. I also make sure to connect with children and animals and any other who are pure spirit! I have amazing people around me who keep me in check and keep it real.

6. You are a singer, dancer and actress. How do you balance such a busy professional life with your personal life?

Love in and of it self is natural. But, if you do not devote the time and energy to your closest relationships they will not be as fulfilling as they possibly can be. I used to put my work first and all else just had to fall in line. Nowadays I realize there are magical moments I have missed and I refuse to miss them ever again. My priorities revolve around simple pleasures and not feeling guilty or obligated. I am in tune with what life is really about at this point and cannot stand for anything flimsy or meaningless. There was a time where I was on autopilot and thought I had to say “yes” to every event and performance, but now, unless I can back whatever I am doing wholeheartedly I simply cannot do it!

7. When you get down or in a bad mood, what do you do to get out of it?

This is actually something fun that everyone can try. And maaaaaybe one day I will shoot an example of this: Put on a few songs in a row that sing of how you are feeling and dance it out! Do an interpretive dance and do not hold anything back. For me, physically getting stress out of my system works. For others it is meditation. Find a passage from a spiritual book and sit quietly and read and then close your eyes. As thoughts arise allow them to come up but then let them pass on through. This may help you become clear of worry and acts as a reminder that all you need is within you and always accessible to you.

8. Who or what inspires you?

Oh wow… well, I guess life in general, especially in songwriting. The more real life I live without blinders on, the richer the songs channeling through me and pouring from me!

9. Have you ever been told you couldn’t do something, and how did you handle it?

Oh yeah. From the time I was small. First of all, girls were not supposed to be songwriters or producers. We all grew up with some image of teen stars and girl groups being out front with older males as the masterminds. I was determined to burst through that wall and stereotype. My mother was very instrumental in empowering all her girls; there are four of us! I was told my nose was too crooked to play leading lady roles and I played both Belle and Cinderella. Beauty is not about your facial features and thank goodness there were producers who could see that! In fact, my quirkier features have allowed me to play both the “beauties” and the “funny girls” like Fanny Brice!

10. Any goals or dreams for the future that you’d like to share?

I no longer sit around dreaming. I listen to what is meant for me to do and then I do it! I am currently working on new music and a book — all sure to help inspire and empower!

For more information about Debbie Gibson, visit her website. Have a question of your own for Debbie? Submit your question at HooplaHa.com

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via Good News on Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/hooplaha/less-dreaming-more-doing_b_1884562.html

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