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It’s fall, and although we’re all long out of school, here at HooplaHa our minds invariably turn to those back-to-school days with the onset of the season. Does yours too? The first day of fall is for many a harbinger of school days, and no matter what your age the change of weather can bring you right back to the bus stop.

One of our regular HooplaHa contributors, Shari Alyse says it’s a good thing to look back at your younger self. In fact, she suggests writing a note to that very person!

Shari Alyse is the star of our regular series “Shari-ng with Shari” at HooplaHa, and our brand new video “Note to Self” is only one of many videos full of her refreshingly good advice.

Shari has always loved being surrounded by smiling people and positivity. While working towards her life-long dream to become a Hollywood actress, Shari realized many people around her were unhappy. She decided to take matters into her own hands and like a real-life talk show host, Shari began listening, advising and sharing hope with anyone and everyone who came into her life. As she’s gotten older, she has been dubbed “Dr.” by a lot of her friends and has come to realize that she enjoys playing “Shari” more than any other character on-screen. Her passion to help and inspire others has brought about her own radio talk show, a motivational book, an inspirational website, a regular vlog series, and the one she is most proud of — a humanitarian trip to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

Shari’s deepest desire is to awaken and bring out each person’s unique light, so we can all live each and every moment in joy, love, and with purpose:

“We all have a light inside of us that is meant to shine,” says Shari, “but we spend so much time letting the debris from our past bury that light.”

So are you ready to let your “inner light” shine this fall? Good! Write a note to your younger self, whether it’s addressed to kindergarten, high school or college YOU! Share all your wisdom and lessons that you wish you had known then. Let it all go and you might be surprised what comes out!

For information on Shari Alyse, check out her Facebook page and enjoy more “Shari-ng with Shari” videos at HooplaHa.com

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