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Rev. Peter Baldwin Panagore: Good News From Congress

Posted on: June 6, 2013

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Gina Coleman of Utah in Russia with “Evie”, a special needs orphan. November 2012. (Photo courtesy of Gina Coleman)

In a rare act of bipartisan political compassion, 154 Republican and Democrat members of Congress along with at least one Independent member, representing 44 states, all signed a bicameral letter addressed to President Barak Obama this week. One hundred and fifty-four members of Congress (71 Senators and 83 Representatives) agreed on something and put their pens to paper to prove it. That is miraculous. That is good news.

What made Congress act this week?


Love is the simple answer. Congress united for love’s sake as urged by families in pain to ask President Barak Obama, when he meets Russian President Vladimir Putin at the upcoming G8 Summit, to please release the 278 Russian orphans who are caught as political pawns in struggles between nations.

Their American families had already met these Russian children and had already bonded before the Russian ban on adoption had been enacted. Many of these children are in need of medical care, and all of them are in need of love.

For compassion’s sake, click here to read the letter, look at the signatures in blue ink at the bottom and then ask yourself: Is this not a miracle? Is this not about love?

If you agree that this is about love, and that a second miracle needs to occur, then please lend your love to help move 278 hearts into the arms and lives of those who love them. Let your Congress member know. Let your president know that the lives of Russian orphans matter to these desperate American families. United in love the people can move nations.

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via Good News on Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rev-peter-baldwin-panagore/good-news-from-congress_b_3393111.html

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