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Cat nurses a newborn pit bull. (Cleveland Animal Protective League/AP)

A pit bull rejected by its mother is being taken care of by an unlikely surrogate: A mama cat.

When Noland was merely 1 day old, he was taken to the Cleveland Animal Protective League without his mother.

“Obviously a 1-day-old puppy, even in the best of circumstances, [the chance of survival] is pretty iffy,” Sharon Harvey, president and CEO of the CAPL, told Yahoo News by phone. “We want to give him every chance we could.”

The staff decided Noland’s best chances were to join a litter of nursing kittens. The question: Would the cat accept a puppy into her brood of four? Amazingly, mom-cat Lurlene welcomed the outsider.

The image says it all: The pit bull is being nursed back to health by a very tolerant feline.

“They’re a happy family now,” said Harvey.

For anyone in love with the orphaned pup who might want to take him home, he’s not quite ready for adoption.“Noland is going to be with us for quite a while,” Harvey told NewsNet5. “We need to be really sure with him. We’ve got to focus on giving him the care he needs right now.”

In addition to spending eight to nine hours a day with the newborn kittens, the now-week-old pit bull, already growing bigger than the kittens, is being bottle-fed and taken home by staffers who watch over him at night.

The little guy has a ways to go before he’s in the clear. But a team of staffers—including a cat—have stepped in to help. Harvey remains hopeful—and touched by the simple gesture of a cat saving a dog.

“It’s really crazy what animals can do to give us hope,” she said. “Talk about acceptance.”

The nutrition and nurturing Lurlene provides Noland are giving him a chance at life.

“We definitely want Noland to have the happy ending that he deserves,” Harvey said.

Yahoo! News.

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A group of scared ducklings was rescued earlier this week from a storm drain after a quick-thinking passerby noticed the distressed mother.

Bill Cobun was the first to notice the unhappy mama, who was hovering around a storm drain at Columbus State Community College in Ohio, periodically looking down through the grating, according to ABCNews.com. Coburn investigated and discovered the group of seven ducklings in the drain.

A team comprised of the college’s media relations coordinator, school safety officers and Lt. Dan Werner of the Columbus State Police Department was quickly assembled, and together they removed the grating and gingerly lifted out the fluffy ducklings, ABCNews.com notes.

The whole rescue effort, including the ducklings’ rush to return to their worried mom, was caught on video by college videographer Mark Van Horn.

“That kind of just reinforces your belief in nature,” Werner said, according to a Columbus State Community College press release. “And there’s some good in the world.”

In fact, this sort of scene plays out with surprising regularity in cities across the nation. In May, firefighters answered two separate calls for help involving baby ducks stuck in storm drains in Massachusetts, according to Danvers Patch.

And in a similar situation that unfolded last year, 24-year-old automotive technician and former Boy Scout Kurt Heersema helped rescue eight ducklings that had become trapped in a Chicago sewer.

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via Good News on Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/21/baby-ducklings-storm-drain-rescued_n_3478572.html

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