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WATCH: Newtown Says Thank You To Therapy Dogs

Posted on: June 25, 2013

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A day after the Dec. 14 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, therapy dogs from all over the U.S. arrived to help begin the healing process.

On Saturday, the Newtown, Conn., community gathered to thank those dogs and their owners.

Around 50 dogs and more than 150 residents came together for “A Day Of Thanks” at Fairfield Hills campus, the Hartford Courant reported. Some children were reunited with pups that’d brought comfort back in December and have continued to visit.

Isabella Battaglia, 9, who was present during the shooting, told the paper that Bella was her favorite dog because the two shared a name.

“I give her a lot of love so she likes me,” she added.

Vic Neumann, from Avon, Conn., and his dog Vikahn, also attended Saturday’s event.

Neumann, who volunteers for Therapy Dogs International, told ABC News that he’s been touched by the relationships formed between Vikahn and the kids.

“It gives them joy and it gives us joy. For them to do this special recognition on Saturday was very heartwarming,” Neumann told the station. “We get paid with the love and the appreciation. That’s worth millions.”

One Sandy Hook parent who spoke at Saturday’s event, said her daughter had difficulty talking after December’s horrific event, according to FOX CT.

“But when she talked about the dogs that she saw every day at school,” the parent said, “she lit up.”

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