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10 Totally Awesome Stories From The Past Week

Posted on: July 21, 2013

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It’s the end of another week, and we’re back with our list of the happiest stories from the last 7 days!

10. Little Mocha the Welsh corgi met… herself, and had a grand ol’ time trying to play with her reflection.

9. These childhood sweethearts were separated by war — but they reunited 70 years later. And now they’re getting married!

8. Not one, not two, but 55 customers paid it forward at a coffee shop’s drive-thru, and put us in the mood to buy everyone we know donuts.

7. A couple ran into a stranded Dave Matthews while they were on their way to HIS concert. So they did what any DMB fan would do — gave him a lift and took a selfie.
dave matthews

6. Richard Deistch, Sports Illustrated reporter, started an amazing Twitter campaign by asking his followers to send him photographs of the best moment of their lives.

@richarddeitsch I came home from Iraq (2nd tour) and got to hug my mom! pic.twitter.com/OuQJSd4ms9

— Ken (@TheKenChin) July 9, 2013

5. This little boy finally heard the words “Daddy is home,” and his reaction brought us to (happy) tears.

4. A biker saw a dog get clipped by a car and saved him by giving him mouth-to-snout CPR.

3. We wrote about this college student from Hong Kong, who is blind, severely hearing impaired and has limited sensitivity in her fingers. Despite all that, she taught herself how to read Braille with her lips

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