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Garbo almost didn’t make it. The neglect for this beautiful orange cat was so severe that she couldn’t have survived much longer. Garbo lived in a hoarding situation where there were too many cats and they were all neglected. She was never properly taken care of. Garbo had never visited the veterinarian. Had she just been taken for a routine check-up, Garbo’s life would not have been in jeopardy. Her previous owner simply left her to die a slow and painful death.

Once Garbo was rescued from the hoarding situation by Cat Connection, it was only then that anyone realized how much pain she must have been in. Garbo refused to eat. She was starving herself and no one knew why. The situation was dire for the poor cat, who was already malnourished and needed to get food in her system immediately. She wouldn’t even open her mouth. After two days, the veterinarian was able to pry open Garbo’s mouth and realize the cause of her problem: all of her teeth had completely decayed.


It was evident that the neglect had taken a toll on Garbo’s mouth and ability to eat properly. She reached a point where she could not chew food or even swallow. If Garbo had not been rescued by Cat Connection and given immediate medical treatment, she would have died from the decay in her mouth, or other complications. She also had an ear infection so severe that her ears were permanently scarred and misshapen after the treatment. Garbo got all of her teeth extracted, her ear infection cleared, and has since recovered.


Six months later, Garbo is in her best health ever. She’s no longer in pain. She’s able to eat wet food and dry, and doesn’t have any continuous medical issues from her traumatic past. She’s also one of the sweetest cats located at Cat Connection’s cattery. Garbo will greet you when you walk in, and basks in love and affection. She loves getting her belly rubbed and adores being lavished with attention. Whether she’s batting toys or rubbing up on you, she’ll put a smile on your face. She even has an extra toe and can give you a polydactyl high-5!


Another bit of good news: Garbo was recently adopted into a loving fur-ever home! Yay Garbo! Congratulations to her new family.

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via Good News on Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/the-pet-collective/neglected-and-malnourishe_b_3846060.html


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