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How To Write A Thank You Note


Writing a thank you note is not only a courteous gesture of gratitude – it helps people remember you. It is a great way to establish a relationship which may come in handy in the future. It is a simple, easy thing that so many people forget to do.

Here are some guidelines for appropriately expressing your thanks.

For an Informational Meeting

When someone offers you information and guidance in your exploration of an organization or career field, it is important to thank them.

• Your note can be typed in a similar format as your cover letter, or it can be hand written on formal stationary or a note card with a matching envelope. If you are hand writing, write a draft first.
• Email is acceptable and is preferred if you are not going to be able to send a paper note within two days. Either way, it should be sent the same day or the day after the meeting.

• Start by saying “Thank you for meeting with me” rather than “I’m just writing to say…”.
• Think of what s/he gave you (her/his time, expertise, kindness) and what you gained
(insight, better understanding, new ideas). Include a thoughtful sentiment about these
offerings in the thank you note.
• Mention the fact that s/he took time from his/her busy schedule, that your eyes were
opened to important issues in the field, that you appreciate him/her going into detail
about a particular topic in a way that you might not have gleaned from another source.
• Say “It was a pleasure to meet you.”
• Always send a thank you note, even if you don’t think the person was very helpful.

For a Job Interview

• A thank you note for a job interview is similar to that for an informational meeting. You are thanking them for giving you the opportunity to meet with them, introduce yourself in person, and tell them about your unique qualifications.
• Re-emphasize a strength that you spoke of during the interview. For instance, “I welcome the opportunity to contribute to the marketing project that you mentioned during our conversation.”
• Close by saying something like, “Thank you for your time and interest. I look forward to the possibility of joining your staff.”
• Handwritten thank you notes are becoming more obsolete as email has replaced snail mail as a faster way to communicate. Thus, sending a handwritten note will surely help you to stand out in a positive way! Just make sure that it arrives in a very timely fashion, so that your gratitude is communicated before the hiring decision is made.


A thank you note is your last opportunity to make a good impression. It will show the
person with whom you met that you are not only appreciative, but also capable of following through.


Promptness is key. Many hiring decisions are made quickly. Sending a thank you note the same day as your interview (or the following day) is a great way to ensure that the interviewer is reminded of your unique qualifications and of your interest in the position.


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